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Controlling RC Servos Wirelessly Over UDP

In this project I want to use my iPhone to control RC servos. I'll use the accelerometer to control two servos over UDP connection. This is a Proof Of Concept project to verify that a connection between an iPhone and a peripheral can achieve high update rates (higher then BLE) using UDP.

ESP8266 (Wemos D1 mini pro) boardTwo RC servos A USB power bank as power supply Some jumper wires An iPhone or iPad using iOS12 A mac to build the project Software
Arduino IDE with ESP8266 Arduino core installed: Installation manualXcode 10: arduino sketch can be found here The Swift source of the iPhone app is here Hardware setup

The hardware setup is very simple. I use the D1 (pitch) and D2 (roll) output on the ESP8266 board to control the RC servos respectively. The board is powered from a USB power bank. The RC servos are powered from the 5v and GND pin of the board.
Software The control app for the iPhone is written in Swift which connects to the …